Web Admins Set Roles and Permissions

As a web_admin, you are responsible for setting up your site after it has been created by the CMS team. This page will guide you through that process.

Adding users

Users are managed through the university’s Enterprise Directory Group Manager. As a web_admin, you can determine the number of users and roles they have within your site. To add or remove users, go to the group manager: https://webapps.es.vt.edu/group-manager/auth/groups.html

Login with your PID/password.

Group manager
The group manager allows a webadmin to select the role a user will have in an Ensemble site.

Once the group manager loads, you’ll see the site(s) that you can manage through the CMS and for each site, you will see separate group names for each role within the system. These include:

  • Author — A user who can add/edit content. This includes uploading images and other assets to your site’s asset library. Authors cannot publish content without approval from publishers or web_admins.
  • Publisher — A user who can publish content to the live site. Publishers do not automatically inherit the author role. In most cases, publishers should also be members  of the equivalent authoring group.
    Web_admin — Web_admins can add/edit content, upload assets, and publish pages. Web_admins can also add/remove users, adjust the site configuration settings, create vanity URLs, change the theme of the site (if available), and add CSS page body classes.

To add a member to any of these groups, click “Add” next to the group name and type in the person’s PID on the next page.

To remove a user, choose “Modify” next to the group name. Once clicked, you’ll see a listing of users who have that defined level of access to your site. Select the checkbox next to the PID and choose the Delete Member(s) button.

The next time that user logs in, he/she should see the site listed under the My Sites section of Ensemble. If the user is already logged in, they'll need to exit (sign out) and log back in to see their new site permissions.

Publishers automatically have all the abilities or authors while web_admins automatically have all the abilities of publishers and authors. You do not need to add PIDs to multiple roles.

In less than three weeks, new web_admins will be automatically added to author and publisher groups as a manager. Being a manager allows them to add users to these groups. Likewise, removal from a web_admin group will eventually result in the removal of author and publisher management which means they can no longer add or remove authors or publishers.

Web_admins can remove themselves from groups that they administer. This is not something they can subsequently fix.

Field where PID is required
Enter the PID of the user you wish to add based on the role of author, publisher, or webadmin.
Remove a user's access
Select the PID and choose Delete Member(s) to remove a user's access.