Reference component

The reference component is used to feature content from one page to another within your site. It can be used multiple times to display the same content on numerous pages. It supports a principle called Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) which means that if the same content is created more than once, it is likely the mutliple copies will get out of sync.

The reference component replaces the brief content type from the Percussion Rythmyx version of Ensemble. 

Master content is created using components added to any page on any site in Ensemble as usual, then other pages use the reference component to import that content onto other pages.

Properties window

After placing the component on the page, open its properties by clicking on the configure (wrench) icon. From here, you can adjust the settings of the component. 

Reference component

Fields within the properties window include component title, referrence path and display title.

Component Title: If you plan to use this reference elsewhere, give the component a title.

Although you can type in the path in the reference field, it is much easier to click the folder icon to the right to navigate to the location you want to reference. After a significant delay, the select path window will open to display all of the sites within Ensemble along the left pane. Choose the site where the item you want to reference belongs. A site's structure will appear in additional columns as you drill into the hierarchy of the site. Once you reach the page where the reference resides, you will see an item called "content" and begin to navigate pieces of the page represented by folders (for example, images, content, or right bar) where the component is located. 

Because the browse panel uses titles and your file path uses filenames, you may need to have two windows open to correctly traverse the path to the reference master.

Using titles on your components on the master page allows you to determine the correct component to reference instead of having to test many unnamed components.

Display Title: For the referenced item to display its title, choose Title from the options. Choosing none will not show the referenced item's title. Selecting title with link makes the title link to the page where the referenced item resides.

Once in place, you cannot edit the text within a referenced component. To make changes, go to the page where the original content appears and make updates. Those changes will appear wherever the reference component has been placed. However, you will need to republish any page on each site that uses the reference for that site to update referenced content.