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Page properties - Advanced tab

Publishers and Web Admins have access to the Advanced page properties tab. This tab contains additional settings for a page to redirect, change the design theme associated with the page, add a page body class for discrete customization, and to add a short, "vanity" URL for the page for easier reference. This tab is not available to those in the Author role.

The Redirect field allows for a /content/... reference to a page or a fully qualified absolute URL to a page, e.g.,

  • Absolute URL
  • CMS link - /content/sitename_vt_edu/en/page.html

The page content will be retained when this is set, but the page URL will redirect to a new location once published with a redirect.

The Design field allows for an individual page and its descendant pages to be assigned a different theme than the rest of a site. This is used primarily for magazines within a site.

This should not be changed on an individual basis as it may cause confusion to those visiting your site.

The Page Body Classes field allows for individual pages to have custom styling based on a class via local assets, or for use with other tracking or third-party features that require finer grain targeting.

Advanced page properties
Advanced page properties

Vanity URLs are used to allow for the creation of shorter links to a site page when the actual page path may be longer than desired. This field uses CMS links or absolute URLs in the vanity URL field.

Example uses include:

  • Print material - creating shorter URLs for use in print marketing campaigns
  • Moved pages - if you move a page, a vanity URL can be placed on that moved page and pointed at its old path to make sure any bookmarks reach its new location
  • Analytics tracking - you can track the performance of a vanity URL using the Google Campaign URL Builder in combination with the Vanity URL

NOTE: If using analytics tracking on a vanity URL, the vanity URL input field must use an absolute URL.

Example: ...

Additional Vanity URL Notes:

  • Do not include the ".html" on the end of /content paths used in the vanity URL input field as they will break functionality
  • Vanity URLs should not be used for electronic mail campaigns that use tracked URLs, instead use the actual, full page URL for text and button links.

IMPORTANT: The link to a page should never be displayed when sharing a URL via an email or other electronic campaign, it's not friendly to screen reader users and isn't visually appealing. Use linked text or a button.

Advanced page properties
Advanced page properties