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Basic Training Live Sessions

Sessions are now full. Enrollment is closed for this round. We will update content and session availability as items become available. Thank you.

Basic training for the Adobe Experience Manager content management system (Ensemble) will begin the week of October 10 - 14 with three live sessions. New users may enroll using the links to the Canvas learning management system.

Participants will learn how to navigate the basic user interface, how to upload digital assets, and how to create pages within a site. This training is for users new to the system since 2018 that did not receive formal training. The sessions will be 90 minutes in duration. Attendance is either in-person at the TLOS University Mall space, room 2104 or via Zoom.

What is Ensemble

Ensemble is the common name for the content management system used to host websites for Virginia Tech internet domains.

Currently, Ensemble uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as its back-end infrastructure and supports more than 800 websites. This is a locally installed and heavily modified version of AEM that is unique to Virginia Tech. The server configuration consists of one content authoring node, two publishers, and four dispatchers.

The primary audiences for sites hosted in Ensemble are prospective students, research partners, and prospective donors to the university.

Ensemble does have the capability to interact with external data sources through web forms, iframes, and JSON/XML data via asynchronous JavaScript.

How is information about Ensemble arranged

The content of this website is arranged by user role agnostic information–getting started, faq, support, tools–and user role specific information for the three roles–author, publisher, webadmin.

Utility classes

Utility classes enable functionality within the Ensemble CMS. See what formatting and utility features are available.

Theme widgets

Widgets are combinations of components, classes, and content that yield a specific look within the One theme. They aren't components, yet.

"How do I ... ?" questions

Do you have a "How do I do this?" type of question? Check out some of the ones we've answered. If it's not there contact us.