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Page Templates

The CMS supports several page templates that can be used to display your content. Some of them are still in development, but below is a description of each type of page template along with information about exclusive features of each.

There are some page configuraiton options that are only accessible through the View Properties link for the page after it has been created--like the Advanced options--so check those after you've created the page to make sure there isn't anything you might want/need to add there.

The descriptions below contain galleries with images showing the various steps and states of pages post-creation. These gallery images contain additional details in their captions.


  • You cannot change an existing page's template once created. You must recreate the page to migrate the content to a different page template.
  • You cannot create a page with the file name "services" due to that name being used by the CMS back-end. You will need to preface the file name with something, like "alumni-services".

General Page Template Icon

General Page Template

The general page template is the most common page template used to create site pages. The following images will detail the page creation options, what the page looks like once opened for editing and any post-creation options available from the View Properties link in the My Sites view.

Article Page Template Icon

Article Page Template

The Article template is used for news and announcement content.

Bio Page Template Icon

Biography Page Template

The Biography page template is used for displaying information about Virginia Tech faculty, staff and students. It links into Banner and will pull public info from the database where available and display it automatically given a PID. Information can also be manually added and formatted.

Redirect Page Template Icon

Redirect Page Template

The Redirect page template is used to point users at an external (to the current site) URL or to redirect pages to new ones within a site. You cannot redirect to an asset using this or any other redirect method.

NOTE: Redirects do not work to assets, e.g., PDF, JPG or DOC files. They only work to redirect to a page or external URL.

Resource Page Template Icon

Resource Page Template

This template is used for publications and shows links between authors, tags, and publications / resources.

Search Page Template Icon
Search Page Site Configuration Settings
Site Configuration settings for custom search results page

Search Page Template

The Search page template allows you to create a custom search submission and landing page for your site. You must also set the Site Configuration to point at this page for search results.

Note: When using the Search component for a custom search you must create a search results page with a Search page template. This page should be at the same level in the folders as your home page and will need to be published and linked to from the site level Site Configuration properties (see image left). Site Configuration can be found if you View Properties at the site level, the level you are brought to after login, My Sites. If you cannot edit these properties, you will need to contact someone with Web Admin permissions for your site, in your department.

Generic Home Page Template Icon

Generic Home Page Template

The Generic Home page template contains different formatting and an embedded Call to Action component.

NOTE: The Call to Action component on the Generic Home Page (One theme) requires you to open the configure dialog on each of the Image, the CTA title and description, and the CTA Link.

Edited: 12/15/21

Access Page Template Icon

Access Page Template

The Access page template is not functional. Access restrictions are possible through a JIRA ticket request to lock a specific page/folder within your site.

Common Post-Page Creation Properties

Most of the page templates have common settings available via the View Properties link from the My Sites view. These include Advanced, Page Image and Permissions. Of special note is the Advanced tab where web_admins can set any page to redirect, set a customized theme for this page and any children, or set a specific class to the page when doing template overrides through local assets.