Media component

The Media component displays videos on a web page. It is intended to be used for videos that have been uploaded to the Asset library.  

For almost all uses, you should use the Media-External component with external sites such as such as YouTube or Vimeo. There are also a 300 MB size limitation on binary files in Ensemble.

To embed an audio or video file, upload it to your assets library. On the page, click and drag the Media component to the location where you want the file to appear. 

Properties window

After placing the component on the page, open its properties by clicking on the configure (wrench) icon. From the assets tab, select the file you want to display and drag it to the box that reads "Upload Media Asset." Once placed, click the check icon to close the window. 

The uploaded file should appear on the page. 

Drop asset here box
This image shows media component options. Place a video that should appear on a page where the box reads "Drop asset here."

Other properties that can be configured in the settings window include:

Google Analytics tracking: Check this box to track the video plays using the Google Analytics code that was placed using the Analytics component.

Video Aspect Ratio: Choose the aspect ratio for the video. Options include 16:9 (standard for web video); 4:3, 5:3, 1:1, 21:9, or 24:10

Closed Caption file: Upload a closed caption file. These are normally formatted with a vtt extension.

Media Player Theme: Select a theme for the video player. 

Autoplay to show images: This option uses javascript plays the video for a moment to load a poster image for the video. 

Poster image: Drag from Assets or Upload Poster Image.