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Related Content component

The related content component allows you to display content based on the related content tags field (default) or tags field that is available on the properties of any page. 


  • Tag source choice
  • Display options
  • Ordering of specific page types

Dialog Properties

Title and Options

  1. Component Title - Title of Component
  2. CSS Class - CSS class to be applied to the component

Related Content Options

  1. Heading - Heading for this component. Will default to "Related Content" or name of the category tag (eg. "Academics") if Category Tag is selected in Tags Matching Source
  2. Tags Matching Source - The tag collection to be used for finding related pages.
    • All - The tags listed in the main tags of the current page
    • Category Tag - The category tag from the main tags of the current page
    • Related Content Tag - The tags that are in the Related tags of the page
  3. Match
    • Any Tag - Related page will have at least one of the tags
    • All Tags - Related pages must contain have all the tags
  4. Display Page Types
    • All Page Types - Get any page type in results
    • Specific Page Types
      1. Default Page Type - Default page type to populate results with. If the number of results from unique pages in Page Type are less than the Total Number of Items to Display then it will attempt to add additional results of this page type to the end of the list.
      2. Page Type - Can add multiple items with a max of 6 items
        1. Page Type - Type of page (eg. Article)
        2. Number of Items to Display - Number of this particular page type to display
  5. Total Numer of Items to Display - Total number of related items to be show
  6. Search Child Pages Of - Only include children / sub pages of this page. Will default to the site if left empty.
  7. Order By - Ordering of related content pages
  8. Sort Order - Ascending or descending

Display Options

  1. Number of Columns - Number of items the related pages should be arranged into
  2. Image Position - Where the image should be (defaults to top)
  3. Date - Date format to display
  4. Time - Time format to display
  5. Title - Show / hide title
  6. Description - Show / hide description
  7. Tag (s) - Show / hide tags