The list component can compile and display content from a variety of sources. Whether it's tags, pages within a folder, or a customized set of items, this component can be used to feature content in a manner for indexing or displaying in a list style. It can also produce an XML file for syndication. 

Properties window

After placing the component on the page, open its properties by clicking on the configure (wrench) icon. From here, you can adjust the settings of the component. 

List component

Properties for the list component are divided among three tabs: List Properties, Display Options, Feed Options

List Properties

Component Title: Give the component a title if you plan to use it as a reference.

CSS Class:  

Build list using: There are several ways to build a list. Options include:

  • Child pages: These are pages within a folder. Use the browse icon to find the path. 
  • Descedant pages: All of the pages within a particluar folder. Use the browse icon to find the path. 
  • Fixed list: A set list of items that can pull from a variety of different pages within the system. Click the "add field" button to expand the list.
  • Search: Set a certain path and create a list by selecting a particular term. 
  • Search list:
  • Advanced search
  • Tags: Build a list using tags

Display as: You can control the display of the list items by:

  • Title (from the Basic page properties)
  • Title with description (from the Basic page properties)
  • Title with description and image (the image from the Image component embedded in the Article page template)
  • Title with image

NOTE: Lists will only display the embedded image from an Article page. It does not work with any other type of page template.

Date format: The date format is available if you wish to feature the publish date with the list item. Options include:

  • None
  • Month (abbreviated) Day
  • Month (abbreviated) Day, Year
  • Month Year

Time format: You can also choose a time format for list items. These styles include:

  • None
  • ISO 8601 standard (explanation)
  • 24-hour time

Order by: Choose the order of the list by title, creation, last modification, or template.

Limit: Limit the amount of items in the list. 

Enable Feed: Check this box if you want to produce an XML feed of this list. 

Paginate after: To prevent an incredibly long page, choose the number of items to appear in a list before a new page is created. 


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See a video demonstration of this component. Click the arrows to the right of the player bar to expand the window.