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HTML component

Use an online HTML validator on any code you paste into this component.

The HTML component is used to insert HTML into a page. There is no restriction on tags used, i.e., <style>, <script>, and any other valid HTML5 tags are supported. Use caution when inserting HTML onto a page as unexpected results may occur that can make the page uneditable from the Edit interface.

The Title and Options configuration dialog contains the following options:

  • Component Title - text input field that does not display for this component but useful for giving the component a title for keeping track of what it is used for on the page
  • CSS Class - text input field for custom CSS and/or utility classes
  • HTML - resizeable textarea input field for HTML code
HTML Component Title and Options configuration dialog
HTML Component Title and Options configuration dialog

The HTML component allows the insertion of code snippets onto a page. Its primary use is for the inclusion of code from third party sources (i.e. social media embeds).


  • Please use an online validator for any custom code you want to include
  • This should not be used to instead of an iframe or Media - External component, both of which support embeds


  • Can be given an custom CSS class
  • Renders HTML

Dialog Properties

Title and Options

  1. Component Title - Title of Component
  2. CSS Class - CSS class to be applied to the component
  3. HTML - Insert your HTML into this field

CSS Classes

  • parbase
  • rawhtml
  • section
  • vt-rawhtml