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Analytics component

NOTE: As of August 24, 2018 there is global analytics in Ensemble. If you want access to that account for reporting purposes please file a ticket and we'll get you set up. Also note, that you can create your own Google Tag Manager account for tracking more granular items and feed that data to the global analytics account.

Analytics  can be added to track the number of sessions, visits, page views, and other data that a site receives. 

To add the analytics component to measure your entire site, go to the folder for your site in the My Sites menu. Click on the site name. 

After clicking the site name, you'll find a top-level redirect page. Open this page by clicking the checkbox next to the page title and selecting the Open icon. 

Once opened, the page should look like the example below.

Drag the Analytics component from the side window in the footer area of the page. 

Once in place, click on the component, then click on the wrench icon to open its properties. In the Analytics ID field, place the Google Analytics tracking code (which usually begins with "UA"). 

Click the check mark to close the window.

Placing the analytics tracking code at this level will record traffic for your entire site. 

Google Analytics properties
Enter your Google Analytics ID into the Analytics ID field.


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See a video demonstration of this component. Click the arrows to the right of the player bar to expand the window.