The feed reader component allows users to display content from RSS, Atom, and other XML-based feeds. This can include posts from blogs, social media, Virginia Tech News articles, and other sources that provide the means to subscribe to particular content. 

Entries in the feed reader will be linked to the site where they appear.  

Additionally, the feed reader can also display events from the Virginia Tech calendar. 

Properties window

After placing the component on the page, open its properties by clicking on the configure (wrench) icon. From here, you can adjust the settings of the reader. 

Feed reader settings

Feed type: You can choose between an Atom/RSS feed or a custom feed from VT Calendar.

Feed URL: Type or paste the feed's URL. If it's pulling from VT Calendar, enter the ID number.

Channel title: Give the feed a title. This will appear at the top of the component.

Channel link: Insert a web address if you want to link the title text. It could point to the source of the feed.

Show title: Check this box if you want to show the title of the items in the feed. The title text will be linked to where the post originally appeared. 

Show description: Check this box if you want to show a feed or post's description. This could be introductory text or more information. 

Date & Time formats: Each post in the feed can feature a date and/or time when it was added. There are several choices available in the pull-down menus for both.

Limit: Enter a number of items that you wish to list in the feed.

Display format: If you select a date or time to display, you can also choose if the timestamp should appear before or after the post. 

Once the fields are completed, click the check mark in the upper right of the window to save the component's settingss.

Feed Reader Component Usage For Virginia Tech Calendar Events


The VT Calendar option does not work for pulling anything but the main calendar list of all events, at present. If you wish to display all events, use this option. In order to pull a specific category of events, e.g., Diversity events, you must use the following link in the Feed URL field of the Feed Reader component and modify the "categoryid" number to match one from the list below.


List of available categories with ID numbers:


Academic (categoryid=1)

Administration (categoryid=91)

Arts (categoryid=1348)

Athletics (categoryid=9)

Break/Holiday (categoryid=216)

Club (categoryid=94)

College of Architecture and Urban Studies (categoryid=1453)

Corps of Cadets (categoryid=12)

Day of Remembrance (categoryid=1066)

Diversity (categoryid=1370)

Entrepreneurship (categoryid=1554)

Movie/Film (categoryid=92)

Music/Theatre/Dance (categoryid=93)

National Capital Region (categoryid=918)

Recovery and Support (categoryid=974)

Research (categoryid=1553)

Seminar/Conference (categoryid=21)

Service (categoryid=1511)

Special Event (categoryid=6)

VTC (categoryid=1351)


If you have a category and don't see it listed, or if you wish to create one please contact [contact info] to obtain the category ID number or have one created for your events.


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See a video demonstration of this component. Click the arrows to the right of the player bar to expand the window.