Call to Action Link Component

The Call to Action Link component gives site creators the ability to add an eye-catching link to the page. These links are meant to entice users to take an action, such as applying, visiting, donating, or requesting information, among other uses.


The link can be styled in various different ways based on the selected properties:

Default Call to Action Link properties
Default Call to Action Link properties: advanced options tab
Default Call to Action Link state



Call to Action Link properties. color: orange. link text: apply now
Call to Action Link properties. outline: checked. shadow: checked. text uppercase: checked
button component example: outline, orange, text uppercase

Generated html:

<div class="parbase section vtctalink">

    <a class="vt-button orange btn-shadow uppercase" href="/content/vt_edu/en/about">Apply now</a>



Title and Options

Component title: The title for referencing purposes.

CSS Class: Put the options class names here.

Link Text: The text for the link.

Link URL: The page to link to.

Link style: filled or outline.

Color Choices: available color options.


Advanced Options

Alignment: left, right, centered, or inline positioning. Inline will allow multiple buttons to appear on the same line.

Font Family: the font to use. Options: Gineso Condensed, Acherus Grotesque, Crimson Text.

Opacity: how opaque the button is. 60% - 90% opacity.

Shadow: drop shadow or no drop shadow.

Text Uppercase: all capital letters.

Full Width: link takes up 100% of the width.