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Tag cloud component

The Tag cloud component displays a list of tags on the page being viewed, similar to the default tag display within Article pages.

The Title and Options configuration dialog contains the following options:

  • Component Title - text input field that does not display for this component but useful for giving the component a title for keeping track of what it is used for on the page
  • CSS Class - text input field for custom CSS and/or utility classes
  • Heading - text input field that becomes the H@ heading for the component, default is Tags
  • Sub Tag Titles - checkbox to display a heirarchical list of tags and subtags
Tag Cloud Component Title and Options configuration dialog
Tag Cloud Component Title and Options configuration dialog


  • Automatically includes the tags on the page
  • Groups tags together based on parent tags
  • Custom heading text

Dialog Properties

Title and Options

  1. Component Title - Title of Component
  2. CSS Class - CSS class to be applied to the component
  3. Heading - Custom heading text
  4. Sub Tag Titles - Includes child tags by grouping them under the parent

CSS Classes

  • main-heading
  • no-subtitles
  • parbase
  • section
  • subtitles
  • tagcloud
  • vt-tag-d-0
  • vt-tag-d-0-tags
  • vt-tag-d-1
  • vt-tag-d-1-tags
  • vt-tag-d-2
  • vt-tag-d-2-component
  • vt-tag-d-2-theme
  • vt-tag-item-component
  • vt-tag-item-how-to
  • vt-tag-item-new-feature
  • vt-tag-item-one-theme
  • vt-tag-item-tagcloud
  • vt-tag-item-theme
  • vt-tag-li-component
  • vt-tag-li-tags
  • vt-tag-li-theme
  • vt-tag-link
  • vt-tagcloud
  • vt-tagcloud-heading