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How Do I ... Copy pages

The following operations can be done in either the List or Column view of the My Sites interface.

It is important to note that you should not click in the black bar, nor on the Ensemble text link within the black bar, in order to navigate within the My Sites view while copying pages.

You need to use the pulldown menu in List view or the columns in the Column view in order to navigate while copying pages.

  • Select the page you wish to copy by clicking on its iconĀ 
    • White checkmark in blue background will appear when selected
  • Click Copy in the toolbar above
    • Fifth from left, icon has two squares offset: one filled, one outline
  • Navigate to where you want to paste the page
    • Do not select the paste location via the icon, just click on the title of the parent page if the paste location is not where you are when you copy
  • Click the Paste in the toolbar aboveĀ 
    • Second from left, icon is a clipboard

NOTE: If the page is pasted into the same location as its original, the pasted page will get a one appended to its name field, for example: page1. If the copy is going to replace the original, you will need to delete the original page and rename the pasted page to preserve any links to it.

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