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How Do I ... Request an ad free Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

A Google Custom Search (CSE) is used to specify which specific parts of the web are searched for specific results. It can be used to prioritize certain important links as is done for all of, to restrict a search to a single website, to aggregate multiple sites into search without searching all of "," or to search only part of a website. Although it changes the look and feel of your search results, it can be a powerful tool to customize search and highlight the links you want to highlight.

CSE by default shows ads as part of the results. In order to prevent ads from showing up, the CSE needs to have a "Free - (non-profit)" designation. The easiest way to get an ad free CSE is to file a ticket (Click on the "Request CMS Support" link at the bottom right hand corner of the page) and request one be created for you.

Please provide who you would like to be administrators along with a list of sites that you want the CSE to search.  While the configuration of the CSE (including the list of sites it searches) is editable by the admins, you will need to file an additional ticket to add or remove additional admins.

The owner of this CSE is "", a Google Auxiliary account. Only the owner is allowed to add / remove additional admins, hence the need to file a ticket when wanting to add / remove admins. By having the owner be an auxiliary account, it prevents "stranded" CSE accounts when someone leaves the university or changes roles.