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How Do I ... Make A Custom Footer Across All Pages

1. Click on My Sites to get to the top level of your site


2. Click on the title of the site to go down one level


3. Select the single item in the list


4. Click Open


NOTE: If you were last in Preview mode the page will jump to the homepage. Make sure that you are in Edit mode by opening another page in the site and clicking the Edit button, top-right of the window. You can then close that page and restart these instructions.


5. Drag a component into the area marked Footer Components


6. Click on the component title to show the tools menu


7. Click the Configure--wrench icon--button if using an HTML component, or the Edit--pencil icon--button


8. Paste the HTML encoded version, or text of your footer here


9. Click the check mark


10. Close the page


11. Publish the item


NOTE: If you are creating a list of items using bullets or numbers and the <ul> or <ol> tag, be sure to add an extra carriage return above the list in a text component, or add <p>&nbsp;</p> before the <ul> or <ol> in a HTML component.


You should now see your footer on all of your site pages.

You can also do multicolumn with the multicolumn component with HTML or text components containing the content.