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How do I ... Hide the page chrome in Author

This bookmarklet script by Steven White opens a new Ensemble author window or tab that is completely free of the Granite/Touch UI interface and shows a more pure web preview experience. Think of it as a small step closer to your stage or your live site without having to repeatedly publish. This is both easier and faster than constantly publishing your in-progress page. It solves some visual problems of pages in Ensemble's preview mode and removes the HTML and CSS that Ensemble uses to provide convenient content management features. You'll need to publish eventually but this can be a better way to develop pages.

  • Bookmark and save bookmark to the bookmark menubar.
  • Change the name of the bookmark to no_granite.
  • Change the URL to this javascript: javascript:(function(){var url = window.location; var cleanURL = url.toString().replace('/editor.html',''); var cleanURL = cleanURL + "?wcmmode=disabled";;})();

Just click the bookmarklet when you want a better preview but aren't ready to publish.