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List Stripe Alternate with color schemes

This widget is very simple to use. You have a Container component with a class. Inside there is a text component (also with a class), a list component, and a Call To Action - Link component. The class controls the color scheme and adjusts break points for all uses of the widget in a body column in the One theme. Beliow is a list of color schemes and how to construct the components and add the needed classes.

List Stripe Alternate container classes





1. Drag and drop a Container component onto the page

2. Drag and drop one Text, List, and Call To Action - Link component into the Container from step 1

3. Click the Container component to open its toolbar

4. Click the wrench icon to open the configuration dialog

5. In the CSS Class field, add one of the list stripe theme color classes

NOTE: If you want the stripe to go across the browser window check the Full Browser Width checkbox.

6. Click the checkmark top-right to save the settings

7. Click the Text component to open its toolbar

8. Click the wrench icon to open the configuration dialog

9. In the CSS Class field, type vt-listStripe-heading

You may also want to add the vt-list-items-stretch class to the list component so multiple items are all the same size.

list properties dialog with vt-list-items-stretch class in CSS class field

11. Click the Call To Action - Link component to open its toolbar

12. Add your link text and link info

13. Change the Color choices to either Dark or Light depending on the background of the color scheme (light buttons on dark backgrounds and vice versa)

14. Click the Advanced Options tab

15. In the Advanced Options, set the Alignment to Inline and then set any other options you prefer, but the alignment must be set to inline.

16. Click the checkmark in the top-right corner to save the settings

17. The List component can be set to what ever column display you want, from two to six columns and whatever content you want to include.

Maroon stripe

Burnt Orange Web stripe

Hokie Stone stripe

White stripe

Purple stripe

Pink stripe

Yellow stripe

Teal stripe

Turquoise stripe

Sand stripe

Smoke stripe

Blue stripe

Black stripe