• Core application updates
  • Fixes to numerous ui and application bugs

Enhancements / New Features

  • Publishing
    • Faster
    • Ability to publish child pages
  • Editor view
    • View as published:  offers a simple way to get a more accurate and immediate preview
    • Component tree: view components on page in an hierarchical view
    • Quick help text associated with each component along with a link to the full documentation page
    • Will display a warning for images without an alt text
  • My Sites / Sites:
    • Content Tree: faster navigation to pages in a site by showing them in a hierarchy
    • Clicking on logo brings up "My Sites", "My Tags", etc links
    • Links to other applications (group manager, campaign)
    • Help search: searches for pages in
    • File tickets using "Help > Request Support"
    • List view: columns can be shown or hidden and sorted properly
  • Components
    • List: items can be sorted ascending or descending
    • Text: additional options for block text
  • Page Templates
    • Page preview generation
    • Consistent properties view
    • Resource: Bios can be reordered


  • Gallery component: Only supports new images from the DAM (prior uploaded images will still work, but cannot be added directly from the desktop)
  • Image component: for consistent behavior, the property view of an image component must be open and then the image can be dragged in from the DAM