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List Filtering By Another List

The vt-c-list-curated class is put on the list that is featuring items from the list with class vt-c-list-pruned. You can have multiple curated and pruned lists on a page and any duplicates from the curated lists will be removed from the automatically generated, pruned lists. This differs from an offset configuration in that the list items to be curated are not simply sorted results from the same relationship generating the larger list.

IMPORTANT: When configuring the pruned list, be sure to add the number of curated items to that list limit in order to accommodate any items that will be removed. The scripts will take care of matching the actual limit. If you want nine items to show and have three featured items, you will want the pruned list limit set to 12, not nine.

The list below is configured as a Fixed list and the items in it share tags or child/descendant relationships with the autogenerateed list(s) on the page. This list has the vt-c-list-curated class added to its CSS Class field.

The list below is configured as a list populated by Child relationship to this page, and shares items with the above curated, fixed list. The duplicate items are removed when the vt-c-list-pruned class is added to its CSS Class field.

The list below does not have a class assigned to it and is the raw list generated by Child relationship to this page to show how items may be duplicated on the page without the classes being used.