Moss Article Template Changes

We recently discovered a long present set of irregularities with the Article Page template in the Moss design. The irregularities were creating problems on mobile with the main navigation menu and the footer, as well as some structure that was not consistent with other page templates in Moss. Changes have been made to the Article Page template and associated styles but have not been merged to the production environment at present. We are planning to merge these changes the week  of Jan 29, 2018 - Feb 2, 2018 in order to give folks some time to have a look at their impact on any customizations that may have been made to their sites.

We have attached screenshots (before and after) of the code changes to this email. There may be some selectors that need to be changed, and we’re hoping nothing else. We will test some key sites on the pre-production server to see if there is anything more substantial that may need to be redone with those sites–EMC, Arts Center, DSA, Extension and a few others with substantial Moss overrides will be checked by us.

We encourage you to also check Article pages from your site on (the pre-production server) if you have significant modifications to the Moss template. Otherwise, there should be no visible effect on the Article pages. If you don’t have a web developer or have used an outside firm and notice problems, please contact us either by creating a JIRA ticket from the website’s Request CMS Support button, bottom-right corner of every page.

If there are other folks in your organization, department, or college that may not be on this list, please forward this info to them so they may also verify their pages.

Updates on the merge to prod will follow once we know there are no issues to address. Thank you for your attention.

Body before and after

Footer before and after