What is Ensemble?

Ensemble is the Web content management system (CMS) for Virginia Tech. It allows website contributors to update their Web content without worrying about the technical details of creating, editing, and maintaining websites.

Ensemble is powered by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and is a joint effort between University Relations and the Division of Information Technology. Percussion Rhythmyx websites were converted to web hosting sites in March 2017. For web hosting support, you will need to file a Web Hosting ticket instead of a normal Ensemble ticket.

Live Training

Every fall and spring semester Ian Griffin teaches 5 sections of Ensemble: Essentials and Ensemble: Working with Media to teach you everything you need to know to start building websites in the modern content management system.

Ensemble: Essentials
March 26th, 11 am
Taught by Ian Griffin
Torgersen 1100
As part 1 of the Ensemble series, Essentials will cover the basics of page building within the Adobe Experience Manager. Participants will explore the CMS interface and work primarily with page building. We will cover the following components: Text, Image, Multi-Column, and Multi-Tabs/Accordion.

Ensemble: Working with Media
March 29th, 11 am
Taught by Ian Griffin
Torgersen 1100
As part 2 of the Ensemble series, Working with Media will cover the various components that add video assets and outside content into the Adobe Experience Manager. Participants will revisit Assets within the CMS and review how tags work. Components we will cover: Gallery, Media, External Media, iFrame, and HTML.

Ensemble - Image Retouching and Placement
March 29, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Torgersen 1100
Taught by S.B. Chandler
This advanced course covers the basics of image retouching (levels, curves, color balance, saturation, and unsharp mask), will discuss cropping, resolution, and saving images for placement in Ensemble. We’ll enumerate image components and technologies present in Ensemble and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Ensemble: Web UX, Creating messages not just pages
April 11th, 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Torgersen 1100
Taught by S.B. Chandler, PhD
If students, faculty, staff, and alumni can’t find or understand yourcontent, nothing else matters. Come learn best practices for web site organization and implementation based on industry best practice and research conducted on-campus. We’ll look at good and bad examples of sites to help understand what works best.


Ensemble: Advanced Web Tips and Tricks
April 25th, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Torgersen 1100
Taught by S.B. Chandler, PhD
For web content creators who have mastered the basics and regularly create content, we offer myriad advanced tips and tricks. Although most learners won't need every technique, this survey touches on common needs, recurring web support tickets, and technical enhancements to the Ensemble web content management system (CMS). Each session covers different topics in depth.

On demand Training Video

This on-demand WebEx training covers all the basics of the Ensemble Content Management System (CMS), presented by John Jackson. Note that Google Analytics are now placed in the /en/ page footer.

Help / Support

For questions and / or CMS support please file a ticket:

  • Click on the "Request CMS Support" link at the bottom right hand corner of this window and fill out the form.