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Resource Page

Page template used for digital resource curation and cataloging.

Resource Info page properties

The Resource page template has a unique Resource Info tab in its page properties. This tab has several fields where various items can be added to an associated digital resource (e.g., a PDF journal article or other digital asset) linked to a Resource page.

Identifier is the identifier for the resource. It should be unique to the resources you are sharing via your site.

Publication Date is the date and time the linked resource was published.

Available As is a list of links to digital assets in the site's MyAssets interface. Used for the primary resource(s) being detailed in the page.

Attachments is a list of links to digital assets in the site's MyAssets interface. Used for any secondary resource(s) associated with  the primary being detailed in the page.

Authors / Contact is a list of Biography pages for resources authors.

As Published is a text area input for the as published list of authors and affiliations

Subresources is a list of any additional digital assets associated with the primary resource.

Labels is a set of default page headings that can be overridden.

Resource info page properties
Resource info page properties

Resource page versions

The Resource page has one useable configuration, Has Right Column. There will be several drop zones for content on the page; main body, right column, and footer. The right column and footer drop zones contain Inherited Paragraph System areas.

The Resource page template Page Information area contains site breadcrumbs, sibling and child page Explore menu, page title, page subtitle, contributor name and bio link, and page on time or last published date.

The Resource page contains an embedded Image component above the main body.

The Resource page will display contact information at the bottom of the body with page tags being displayed immediately below the body.

Example Resource page with no content
Example Resource page with no content

CSS Classes

  • vt-resource
  • resource-content
  • vt-articleImage
  • #resourceTable
  • #res-header-title
  • #res-header-availableAs
  • #res-header-summary
  • #res-header-date
  • #res-header-identifier
  • #res-header-author
  • res-item-title
  • res-item-file
  • resourceAvailableAsList
  • vt-res-availableAs-title
  • vt-res-availableAs-type
  • res-item-desc
  • resource-item-summary
  • res-item-date
  • res-item-id
  • res-item-authors
  • #vt_resource_identifier
  • #vt_resource_authors
  • #vt_resource_rights
  • #vt_resource_publisher
  • #vt_resource_date
  • #vt_resource_image
  • #vt_res_availableAs
  • vt-res-availableAs-title
  • vt-res-availableAs-type
  • #vt_res_related
  • vt-res-related-title
  • vt-res-related-type
  • #vt_res_parent
  • #vt_res_children
  • #vt_res_remain_tags
  • #vt_resource_remain_tags
  • #vt_res_bios
  • vt-article-contact
  • #vt_res_depts
  • vt-dept-tag
  • #vt_resource_identifier
  • vt-resource-listItem
  • vt-resource-rights
  • vt-resource-publisher