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Ensemble workflow are used to get content approved before publishing. Workflow are supported but rarely used for publishers and web-admins and required for all authors. 

There are three user roles in Ensemble:

Author: Can create content using any of the templates and components within the system. An author can also upload images and assets. An author cannot publish directly but can start a workflow to request approval from a publisher or web_admin

Publisher: Review pages and assets that have been sent by authors for publishing. Publishers can also create content and publish content directly without approval. Publishers remove content that has been published. Publishers may choose to send content through a workflow to request review from other publishers.

Web_admin: Can create and publish content. Admins can also remove content and perform other administrative tasks within their site(s) such as adding members of the university community to Enterprise Directory Group Manager which grants author, publisher, and web-admin privledges to others.

Moving an item through the workflow

When a page is ready to publish, there are several options available, depending on your role. 

Web_admins and Publishers: Both of these roles can publish content directly to the site without needing to send an item through the workflow. See the publishing section for more details.

Authors, Publishers, and Web_admins: If you're an author or if another publisher or webadmin needs to review the page before publishing, start a workflow by clicking on the Timeline icon in the My Sites window. Click the ^ icon next to the comment field and choose "Start a workflow."

Publishers and web_admins will receive notification when a workflow is pending for review and approval. On the upper right of the screen, a notification will appear in blue.

Clicking the notification icon shows you the page(s) for review.

Click on the page to review it.

To review all publish notifications, click on “View all” in the notifications menu. All items in the queue for publishing will appear.

Select the item(s) for publishing and click the workflow icon (stack of papers and an arrow).

After clicking that icon, you’ll have the option to review and approve the item(s) for publishing.

Click the check mark icon to approve. Use the pulldown menu to choose “Reject publish” and click the check mark icon to send the page back for further editing.

Once the check mark icon is clicked, the item will be published.

You can also start a workflow from a page in editing mode by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen (three stacked horizontal lines with sliders on them) and choosing "Start Workflow".

Ensemble topics

Related icons

Workflow notifications
Located in the upper right of the main interface, this icon changes to reflect the number of notifications.
See the history of a page (creation, changes, publish, unpublish)
Step back
Go a step back in workflow
While in a workflow, choose delegate to send the page to another publisher or admin for review.
In a workflow, click the complete icon to approve or reject a page for publishing.