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Tags can help categorize and list similar content. They can focus on subjects, topics of interest, areas of research, units, departments, colleges, or programs. Tags can also be associated with a person if there’s an area of research or study to highlight.

To create tags within Ensemble, go to the My Tags section of the My Sites interface. Each site that a user can access has a companion folder for tags that should appear in the My Tags section.

Click on the site name and choose the Create Tag icon.

Tag Interface

Tag Interface

In the window that opens, add a title and name for the tag. The title field will automatically populate the name field, but you can change the name field if you choose.

The description field allows for any notes or description that you wish to include.

Once created, the tag will appear in the My Tags area for your site.

Tagging a page

Pages can be tagged during their creation or by modifying their properties.  During page creation, choose the tag(s) by selecting the browse icon in the tags field and navigating to the site's published tags that you wish to apply.

If a page already exists that needs tags for it, from the My Sites view, select a page and choose "View Properties". Click "Edit" near the upper right, and then add "Tags" by either starting to type the tag name or using the down arrow to select a valid tag.

If you're editing a page, you can click on the hamburger menu in the upper left,  choose "Open Properties" and add tags. Click the check icon (Done) to save your changes.

Displaying tags

Pages that feature the same tag can be displayed as a list using the tag cloud component. Add the tag cloud component to any page that is tagged. This will feature a link to a page that lists other pages that contain the same tags. 

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