Publishers and Web Admins can publish pages whenever they choose without having to follow a workflow. While it is recommended that all users follow a workflow, especially for new content, there will be times when it’s necessary to publish content directly without review.

To publish directly, select the item(s) that need to go live by clicking the check box next to each one. Hold down the shift key to make multiple selections, if working with Author workflows.

Once selected, click the globe icon in the menu area. This will publish the item. To unpublish an item, select it and choose the globe icon with a small “x.”

Pages that contain images or other assets can also be published.

If an asset has not been published before, Ensemble will verify that you want to publish it along with the page.

You can click the all assets box or each individual asset (if applicable) and click the Publish button to make the assets live.

After waiting a few moments, a small confirmation box that reads "The page has been published" will appear. Check your live site to ensure the page and assets have published.

Related icons

Admins and publishers can click this icon to push content to their live site.
Unpublish a page to remove it from a live site.