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Site properties

MySites view
The MySites view shows all of the sites that a user can edit. As a web admin, select the site you wish to configure and choose "View Properties."

Once you’ve logged into Ensemble, you should see all of the sites you can edit under the MySites section. To configure a site’s settings, click on the checkbox next to a site’s name and choose “View Properties.”

As a web admin, you’ll see a series of four tabs on the next page. These will include Basic, Advanced, Page Image, and Site Configuration.

Click on the Edit button or icon to change the settings under each of these tabs.

Properties window for a site
Properties for a site include Basic, Advanced, Page Image, and Site Configuration.


Under the basic tab, you can change the site title and other basic fields associated with any site or page.


Beneath the advanced tab, you can direct where the site’s index page will be located. Though this should be populated already, the redirect field must contain: /content/[sitename]_vt_edu/en/index. Sites without an index page will not work consistently.

Although other design themes appear, Moss is the only theme that is designed and supported for use throughout the CMS. The other themes that exist are for specialized sites and not intended for general use. They will not work with every component and are not configured for broad adoption.

Page image

This tab exists if you want to attach an image to the entire site. This is not required and results may not be desirable.

Site configuration

Site configuration tab
The site configuration tab features different fields for workflows, local assets, and other properties.

This tab should point to the asset library associated with your site. It should also feature the workflow models and approver groups.

If you have requested local assets, the path where those assets reside can be included in the Local Assets Path field.

Click Done on the upper portion of the screen to save whatever changes you make.


Need to set up analytics for your site? Check out the information on the Analytics component.