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How Do I ... Revert A Page To A Previous Version

There are times when you are editing a page when you will want to return to a previous revision of the page in order to have the content you want.

To revert a page, you will need to use the Timeline item in the My Sites menu.

Steps To Revert A Page

1. Login in to

2. Navigate to the location of the page you wish to revert

3. Click the checkbox to the left of the page title

4. Click the Timeline link in the My Sites menu

You can expand the lower portion of the Timeline tray by clicking on the up arrow next to the comment field and display the way to manually save the current version of the page or to start a workflow.

5. Click the More button to see more of the Timeline in the tray

6. Click on any of the New Version items in the Timeline to expand the options for reverting the page or displaying the differences since that version.

CAUTION: You should manually save the current version of the page before reverting. The current version is not automatically saved when you revert a page.

7. Click the "Revert to this Version" button to replace the content of the page with that of the previous revision.

8. Make any changes you wish to make.

9. Publish the page