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How Do I ... Move and/or Rename Items

There are times when you will need to move things between containers or need to rename something other than changing its title. There is a Move command that allows you to move items around the filesystem and rename things when needed.

NOTE: You can only have one item selected at a time in order to move or rename it. All links, references, etc. to the item are automatically updated, but can be deselected and left unchanged.

image of a file being selected for move

1. Select a single item to be moved or renamed

2. Click the Move button in the top menu

3. Change the Page Title (page name that appears in the file list and at the top of a page) or Page Name (file name that appears in URL). If you just want to change the page title, use page properties for the page and not the move command.

image of the first move item dialog

4. Click Next

5. Choose a destination

NOTE: If renaming an item you will need to choose the same container to move the renamed item to, this will be one level up from where the destination dialog starts. If moving a file, choose a different destination container for the item.

image of the destination selection move dialog

6. Click Next

7. If moving or renaming an item you may be presented with a list of other references and such to the item that will be updated and republished during the move. Uncheck any item you do not want to track the move.

8. Click Move

9. Republish the moved or renamed file

image of file list after move