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Timeline widget

vertical timeline with multiple items

The following component structure and classes applied to components will create the same type of appearance of a vertical Timeline like the image above.

User level: Basic

1. For accessibility purposes, create a text heading in a Text component above the timeline to identify it, e.g., [Subject] Timeline

2. Drag and drop a Container component into place in the body of a page below the identifying text heading

3. Click the Container component to show the component toolbar

4. Click the wrench icon to display the configuration dialog

5. Type or copy-paste the vt-timeline class into the CSS Class field

6. Click the checkmark in the top-right of the dialog to save changes

7. Drag and drop Container components for each item in the timeline

8. Add content components to each container and construct your timeline items

9. Publish the page

container config dialog with the vt-timeline class in the CSS class field
Timeline outer container config dialog with vt-timeline in CSS class field
a container component wrapping multiple other container components with content components in each
Timeline component structure

Selectors and attributes needed to change colors of timeline elements

You can use these in local assets or within a <style></style> tag inside a HTML component.

 .vt-timeline > .vt-vtcontainer-content::after

background-color for timeline vertical bar

#vt_no_rb .vt-timeline .vtcontainer::after,
#vt_with_rb .vt-timeline .vtcontainer::after

border-color is ring
background-color is center of pip

#vt_no_rb .vt-timeline .vtcontainer::before,
#vt_with_rb .vt-timeline .vtcontainer::before

border-color for item arrows