To access the CMS, you’ll need to provide your PID/password at:

Please note: Ensemble uses two-factor authentication provided by the university. For more on two-factor authentication, visit this site.

Browser requirements: This CMS can be accessed using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. The operating system can either be Windows PC or Mac OS.

Ensemble uses the touch-based interface that Adobe launched with its 6.0 version of Experience Manager.

After logging in, your screen will look something like the image below:

The menu on the left side of the screen will feature the following:

  • Sites: All sites within Ensemble are accessible from the Sites menu. Only those with access to a particular site can create content or edit within them. Users without access will be able to preview the site but not edit or change content.

  • Assets: All assets within Ensemble are accessible from the Assets menu. Users without permission can only preview the asset. They cannot edit or upload assets.

  • My Sites: These are sites that you can access for content creation, editing, or publishing (depending on your role). Each site will appear in the main window.

  • My Assets: These are images and files (PDF, Word Documents, spreadsheets, etc) that can be uploaded and placed within a page. See the process Learn about Ensemble->Adding assets for more info.

  • My Tags: Tags let you categorize content for display. Tags can be created for topics, keywords, areas of research, or associated with a faculty, researcher, or staff member within your college or department.  See the process Learn about Ensemble->Tags for more info.

Roles within Ensemble

Users in Ensemble will be assigned one of three roles. They are:

Author: An author can create or edit content. An author can start a workflow, but cannot publish a page or assets directly.

Publisher: A publisher can create or edit content. Publishers can also start a workflow and publish items to the live site.

Web Administrator: A web administrator can create, edit, and  publish content. Web admins perform other tasks, too, including adding/removing users and assigning user roles. Web admins are considered the points of contact with the Ensemble team and are expected to manage their respective web groups.


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Take a tour of the My Sites interface.

My Sites icons

Hide or show side panel
Hide or show the side panel in the My Sites interface.
Arrow icon - Go back
Arrow icon - Go back one level
The help icon in the My Sites interface connects to the documentation site or can be used to file a ticket.
Workflow notifications
Located in the upper right of the main interface, this icon changes to reflect the number of notifications.
User setting
Settings in the My Sites interface shows a user's name and PID.