Near the end of October 2016 we encountered an issue with images displaying as broken when loading pages from the staged instance of a site, and in some production sites. The CMS server team is still investigating the issue and trying to find a permanent fix, however, there is a local client-side work around that works temporarily. The issue does not seem to manifest with Firefox, Safari, or the Microsoft Edge browsers.

This fix is specific to the affected browsers, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (9 - 11, not Edge), and Opera.

In Google Chrome browser

There are development tools in the Google Chrome browser that allow you to disable file caching. Once this setting is enabled, and the Developer Tools window is open the images on a page will appear with a reload. Below are screenshots showing how to access the Developer Tools and where the cache setting is located (Mac and Win). The captions of the images contain the steps.

Opera users

Go to the View menu in Opera and choose "Show Developer menu". You should now see "Developer" in the same menu as File, Edit, View, etc. Click the Developer menu and choose "Developer Tools". You can now follow the same instructions as for Chrome. Start with the second image.

In Internet Explorer 9 - 11

The same cache flushing technique works with Internet Explorer, but must be done manually each time this happens. The captions of the images contain the steps.

Help / Support

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