All sites that resides within the previous version of Ensemble (powered by Percussion) were migrated in Jaunary 2016.

To request a new site (for those who did not have a site migrated from the older system), click the "Request CMS Support" link at the bottom right hand corner of this window. To access the new system, visit and login with your PID/password.

No content is live until you publish it: All content that is migrated won’t appear on your Adobe live site until it's published. Content will publish to a stage site until you notify us that you are ready to launch in the new system. We will then work with the hostmaster to update the domain name server to point to the new site in the Adobe system.

Navigation will need to be rebuilt: For those who have attended training or who have visited the new site, you’ve seen how navigation is managed differently in the new Adobe-based version of Ensemble. There are no nav branches or navigation bases to manage or create. As a result we will NOT be migrating those content types to the new system. Instead, all pages that migrate will — by default — be hidden from navigation. This will allow you, as webadmins, to rebuild your site’s navigation to work most effectively in the new platform. It may be a matter of simply unchecking the “Hide in Navigation” box or moving items. The structure of your site will migrate to resemble what it appeared in the previous CMS. Refer to the navigation page and video here:

Design: All users will be migrated to the Moss template. This template will be responsive in the new system. 

The Burruss or "classic" template, which features vertical navigation is also available.  

To change the design, a webadmin can open a page's properties from the MySites interface and choose the Advanced tab. In the Design field, click the browse icon to change from Burruss or Moss. Please note: These changes should be consistent for your entire site. Please do not mix design themes. It creates a terrible experience for the end user. 

Also, you will also see other template options. Please choose between Moss or Burruss only. Different templates may require components that are not universally available.

Rerun the migration script: Text and images were initially migrated around January 2016. Since several weeks have passed, you can request to have your text pages re-migrated. We will not move images, files, or other assets over.  Click the "Request CMS Support" link at the bottom right hand corner of this window to request having your text content migrated again.

Other points to consider

All images will be migrated at their largest size. Going forward, users need to upload one image size, ideally at a large size. The CMS and its underlying code will determine the appropriate size, depending on orientation and what the screen size will be. Horizontal and square images are highly preferred.

There will be no URL content type in the new system. All instances of that type will be converted to redirect pages in the new system. Redirect pages are intended to point to pages that exist outside of the CMS.

Likewise, the linked image content type will not be migrated. Images can be linked through their properties in the new system.

The navbase and navbranch content types will not migrate.

Help / Support

For questions and / or CMS support please file a ticket:

  • Click on the "Request CMS Support" link at the bottom right hand corner of this window and fill out the form.